Unlimited Power

Anthony Robbins

How has Anthony Robbins, convinced tens of thousands of individuals to kick off their shoes and walk slowly---even cheerfully---across ten feet of burning coals?
Robbins, who calls his firewalk "an experience in personal power and responsibilities, " is one of the foremost experts in Neuro Linguistic Programming---a system Science Digest says is "the most powerful vehicle for change in existence." Plug into "Unlimited Power" and you'll agree. Based on the simple fact that success---in any venture---stems from specific patterns of behavior which can be studied, then imitated, NLP and Unlimited Power explains how you can meet the four criteria for achievement:
Defining Your Goal
Taking Focused Action
Gauging Your Results As You Go
Adjusting Your Behavior Until The Goal Is Achieved
So kick off your shoes...then put your feet up and learn what the firewalkers have discovered: that success is habit-forming and the habit of success, once learned, is nearly impossible to forget.

Download Unlimited Power (9780684845777).pdf, available at yarondebok.com for free.

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